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Rejuvenating with 45 years of experience under our belt

The Bruyneel Natural Stone Company is proud to present a whole new range of garden decorations under the name of Stone Line. Apart from traditional natural stone doorsteps, wall coverings and grave stones, we now also offer flower pots, letter boxes, benches and tables - possibly combined with glass and tinned wrought iron. The latest garden lighting is elegant, practical and affordable. Other new decorations are logo boxes with integrated lighting and built-in letter boxes.

Bvba Bruyneel has, for over 45 years now, been active in the shaping/machining of natural stone (bluestone , granite, white stone and all kinds of marble). Our core business is the manufacture of bluestone door sills, porches and all manner of made-to-order work in natural stone. Unlike many present-day synthetic materials, Bruyneel's range of products originate in nature. Bluestone is just the thing for garden decoration. It's a durable product which just oozes timelessness and yet it's considered a fashionable solution, time and again. Above all, bluestone integrates seamlessly in a natural vein. In our latest designs, traditional bluestone is being successfully combined with glass, stainless steel, aluminium and zinc - resulting in a modern, trendy touch.