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  • Stone Line:The Line

    Timeless integration in the landscape

    The idea behind "stone line" is … the development of a uniform line of minimalist garden lighting. Whereas the basic, no-frills design and the taut lines ensure the timelessness of our creations, the chosen materials are synonymous with durability. A durability that integrates seamlessly into the garden décor, in a natural way.

    Stone Line:The Stone

    Belgian Bluestone: an age-old tradition

    Belgian Bluestone, quarried and machined according to the rules of a three-hundred-year-old tradition, is frost-resistant and has a virtually non-existent porosity. In short, it's rated among the best types of marble. On account of its harmonious aesthetics, Belgian Bluestone is one of the essential building materials in Belgian architecture.


    A combination of the best materials

    Durability is, in the case of "stone line", more than just a word. Stone with the highest resistance to compression is combined with polycarbonate, stainless steel, etc.,…